New York, New York…

Anyone else spending 2020 day dreaming about future travel destinations and revisiting in their minds all the beautiful places they visited before? I definitely do that and it helps me when I feel frustrated, sad and demotivated during this pandemic. It reminds me how lucky I am to have been able to see and experience all those beautiful destinations, meet those wonderful people and forces me to be patient till the next time… 

During one recent moment when my mind was wandering back in time, I revisited my trip to New York. I was there with my boyfriend in the summer of 2019 and I remember every bit of it. I will not go into “what are the must see places in New York” because there are lots of lists and guides out there. We did of course all that, but this is not what I would like to write about. What really stroke me about New York and I want to share, was the way it made me feel. 

Despite being a European who has lived in many beautiful countries, I was always curious to travel to the US and check out how people live, how people think, what are they up to. As I had never been there before, I did not have many expectations about New York, but I was told but many people that “New York is different, it is not a real representation of the US”. My boyfriend had been there before, several years ago and he was one of those who fell in love with the city and has always insisted that this is a trip worthwhile prioritising. 

I remember vividly the first moment when I stepped out of the subway at Times Square and walked down Manhattan. I was just wow-ed and my neck was hurting from staring up at those buildings. Yes I did live in many countries in Europe, including several large cities, but I had never seen something like that. It was not just about the buildings. There was a constant action, a vibe, people moving around, taxies and cars honking – there was LIFE. And this is exactly what I am craving right now, exactly what I need and want to have again. 

New York is alive at every corner. No matter where you are, what you do, you could never possibly feel alone. There you do not have the feeling that you can miss something, because you are constantly in the middle of the action. There is something for everyone – you can stroll around beautiful central park, enjoy a coffee and a special vibe in the West Village, shop at Times Square, go to a live performance in Brooklyn and have delicious food everywhere you go. I was amazed by this – how you turn around and you see people running and being so motivated, despite the 40 degrees heat, in another part of the city, you see the business people running around like bees getting things done, somewhere else you see street musicians spreading good mood and hope and so on… 

The highlight of our trip was in fact a concert of Local Natives, which we attended at the Broken Steel. The atmosphere was so amazing, something which only in New York can happen and it is so difficult to describe in words because no matter how much I try, you would need to feel it. Just imagine a place where everybody sings along and participates to the creation of a happy vibe, where nothing else matter, but the present moment. We actually tried to replicate that, by going to the same concert here in Cologne where we live, but it was so not the same. The people of New York made the whole difference. We did enjoy the second concert of Local Natives too, but it was just not comparable… 

At the end of a year where we lived from our past dreams and memories and we got to be grateful for everything we had previously enjoyed, I can only hope that I will have the chance to go to New York one more time and I hope that this amazing city will feel the same after this horrible pandemic which had a huge impact. I will make sure that the second time around I will enjoy it even more and not waste a second… 

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