Motivated and Healthy

During the cold season we all feel so unmotivated and with such low energy levels! Going through this global pandemic and having had a limit on all social contacts, makes everything way worse. Getting up early to start working (from home) and keep going through the day and end the working day in the dark has become more and more difficult. 

Despite the current situation, I managed to keep myself on track and motivated during this cold season. What is my secret? It will sound cheesy and theoretical: fitness and healthy food. I just finished a fitness challenge (the third one this year) with my favourite trainers from Tone it Up. This is not meant to be a promotion in any way, it is a genuine opinion and my personal story. 

I first discovered TIU in 2015 and it was totally random, I think I just saw a transformation story on Facebook and I was curious to check out more. Back then, I was doing sports quite regularly, but I was not eating very healthy and my lifestyle was chaotic. I joined my first Beach Babe summer challenge that year and I immediately got into it. I am a person who loves structure in all my life aspects, but somehow I had not applied this to my health until then. I was introduced to so many new ingredients and recipes I had never tried before that time and I was amazed and hooked. I had such a joy when I ordered my first TIU goodie bag and despite the long time and huge shipping cost to get this in Europe, I felt it was worth it. My highlight was when I traveled to New York last year and I dragged my boyfriend to a Target shop for the first time and I was so happy to find the Tone it Up corner! 🙂

All these years, I have done the Tone it Up workouts and followed the meal plan on and off, trying to implement this as a lifestyle and not as a time-limited challenge. I feel like I succeeded, but what I always missed was to be involved with the community. I was never loud about my activity, as I felt that I do not want to expose myself online, but did not realise what I was missing. 

This last challenge (TIU4YOU) brought a change for me because I decided to be involved with the community and wow, that made such a huge difference! I was following everyone’s checkins and this made me so motivated to get my workout in and make sure that my meals are on track. One would say that we do this for ourselves and we do not need to post this on social media to make it real, but rather to keep it private. I used to be of that opinion as well, but now I realised that it is not about being active and getting followers and likes, it is about getting genuinely motivated to get moving every day! 

I also learned how important it is to not feel guilty when you do not get a chance to do your workout or eat healthy because life happened and you got busy. It is ok to be down, unmotivated, feel unwell or without energy. It is important to give yourself grace and listen to your body when it needs rest. But do not give up because that is the easiest to do. Do not forget that you have all the amazing TIU girls to help you get right back at it! It is so easy to just give up! This worked for me – the power of the community showed me that we are in this together and we can motivate each other from so many corners of the world. 

Thank you Tone it up trainers and amazing community for keeping me sane during these crazy months of lockdowns and social distancing! I know that we still have hard months ahead of us, but I also know that we can do this together! 

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