New York, New York…

Anyone else spending 2020 day dreaming about future travel destinations and revisiting in their minds all the beautiful places they visited before? I definitely do that and it helps me when I feel frustrated, sad and demotivated during this pandemic. It reminds me how lucky I am to have been able to see and experienceContinue reading “New York, New York…”

Motivated and Healthy

During the cold season we all feel so unmotivated and with such low energy levels! Going through this global pandemic and having had a limit on all social contacts, makes everything way worse. Getting up early to start working (from home) and keep going through the day and end the working day in the darkContinue reading “Motivated and Healthy”

Hi, I’m Alexandra! I am 31 years old Marketing Manager, originally from Romania, living abroad for the past 12 years. Currently living in Cologne, Germany, I invite you to join me in my wander’s adventures, thoughts and experiences.

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